Krakers presents: V-Fest

A celebration of the vulva!

The Vulva: we know too little about it and the information we do have is often incorrect and incomplete. Sometimes we are ashamed of it, worry whether 'it is all ok down there' and receive misinformation from various sources. Knowledge is power and that knowledge is lacking. We are done with that! Time for an honest, positive and healthy vision on the vulva. Empower the V!

V-Fest celebrates the vulva and provides information and education. Explicitly, in a safe space and for all genders, with or without vulva. With an exhibition full of work by body positive artists, performances, spoken word, lectures and music.

V-fest is a concept by Steph Byrne and is supported by Krakers and the Municipality of Tilburg

November 17 * 20:00-01:00 * 6,- Euro * KRAAKKELDER * THEATER DE NIEUWE VORST * TILBURG